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Best Way to Clean Blood Off Carpets

Published by SEO on September 13, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Crime scene cleanup with bloodMost modern carpets are anti-stain treated, and therefore, dirt, grime, food stains, and other common stains will wash away relatively easily. However, body fluids (such as blood-stains), makeup, a few beverages, and other stubborn things might leave behind a nasty stain, for which you may need a crime scene cleanup or sanitization service.

However, hiring experts might not be the only recourse you have. In some cases, if the damage isn’t too extensive or hasn’t had time to completely dry out, you can use a number of professional cleaning agents to remove these stains.

By using the right method and material, you can easily remove blood stains from your carpet without having to use chlorine, bleach, or other elements that might cause your carpet to lose color. In this article, we will discuss the best way to clean blood off carpets that you can adopt at home or office easily.

How Crime Clean Up Services Clean Blood off Carpets

To sum it up, start by removing excess blood from the carpet, pour some lukewarm water on top, apply potato starch, and follow up with a commercial-strength stain remover.

However, it may not always be that simple. The key thing to keep in mind when cleaning blood off carpets is time. The quicker you act, the better results you will get. Furthermore, always start from the edge of the bloodstain; otherwise, you risk spreading the stain and making a bad situation worse. Rinse off the remaining stain-removing agent as soon as you’re done and let it dry before stepping on it.

Now, let’s get into how biohazard clean up or sanitization services clean blood on carpets:

Removing Excess Blood Off The Carpet

In crime scenes, this might not be possible, but if the blood is from the fresh steak you just bought or and injury, remove excess blood as soon as possible. Do not wipe it away else you risk spreading the stain. Use a dry cloth or a paper towel to pat the excess away. Be gentle with your taps, though. You simply need to remove the blood before it clots up.

Use Lukewarm Water

Cold water speeds up the blood’s clotting process. Have you ever noticed that you don’t bleed as much in the winter as you do in summers? This is because, during the winters, blood flow decreases within your body, and outside, it clots up fairly quickly.

So, avoid applying cold water to the blood stain, unless the blood is still spreading. If it is drying up and you are ready to remove the stain, use lukewarm water (without any detergent or cleaning agent) to soften up the place. Use a damp cloth (not cold) and keep on dabbing the carpet. Absorb as much as possible at this point.

Use Potato Starch

Once you find that the stain has softened, it is time to drizzle some potato starch on the stain. To extract starch from potatoes:

  • Peel your potatoes
  • Use a cheese grater to grind the potatoes (if you can, you can turn them into a paste as well, which is much more efficient, but difficult)
  • Add lukewarm water to the shredded potatoes – just enough for the shavings to be submerged
  • Squeeze the shavings every now and then to make sure the starch gets extracted properly
  • Once washed, pour the water out into a dish and wash your potatoes a couple more times (three to four times). Extract water into the same dish.
  • Let the water stand (for about an hour). You will see the starch settle at the bottom.
  • Pour the water out, making sure that the starch does not get poured out as well. Leave just a little bit covering the starch.
  • Filter the starch-water mixture. Make sure you mix things up before filtering, else you’ll have a gooey clump at the bottom of your dish. Let the stained mixture sit for an hour, remove the water on top, and you have your starch ready for use.

Leave the starch on the carpet for 12 to 24 hours and let it dry. Then, vacuum everything up and the stain should have been removed. If you are still not happy, though, it is time to call in the big guns.

Dedicated Carpet Stain Removers – Like the One Biohazard Cleanup Companies Use

Crime scene cleanup and disaster restoration companies in the Bronx use industrial-strength cleaning detergents to remove blood stains on carpets as well, but they also have vacuums that can suck up the detergent properly. Your regular vacuum may not be suitable for the task, so it is best if you leave this bit to the professionals.

These universal stain-removing agents are very harsh, so make sure you don’t leave them on your carpet for too long or aren’t too rough with their application. You can also use a mixture of water and ammonia or hydrogen peroxide for virtually guaranteed results, but be very careful with these agents (especially the former).

Cleaning blood off – especially dried blood – can be rather difficult. To make sure it retains its aesthetic and feel for years, you should call professional crime scene cleanup services for any sort of blood or other body fluid stain. 911 Restoration of Bronx is here to help you bring your property to its original state, if not better, sanitize, and deodorize the place so that you can continue with your life as if nothing ever happened! Give us a quick call to get a free quote or simply to learn more about cleaning blood off carpets.

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