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Importance of Commercial Restoration Services for Warehouses

Published by SEO on August 27, 2021 in category: Fire Damage Repair, Mold Inspection, Sewage Backup, Water Damage Restoration

A large warehouse stocked with inventory

If you stock inventory in a large warehouse, it is advisable to perform leak detection checks often to prevent the potential risk of water damage. Specializing in commercial and home restoration after water damage, 911 Restoration of Bronx knows the problems business owners have to face after warehouse water damage.  

Water damage can wreak havoc on warehouses. As these are massive structures loaded with inventory, many warehouse areas are not visited by employees for weeks and sometimes even months. That’s where the problem lies. Undetected water leaks can give access to water and moisture into your warehouse. This can further ruin inventory housed inside before you know it. As water damage remains unnoticed for a lengthy amount of time, it slowly and quietly destroys the inventory while causing structural damage. And when you find out, the damage is all done.  

Warehouse water damage has the potential to stop your business in the tracks. With wet boxes and soaked inventory at your disposal, delivering critical goods promptly transforms into a logistical nightmare. But don’t worry, in times like these, your best bet is to contact 911 Restoration of Bronx. Our team of experts can come to your rescue and provide you with quality and step-by-step commercial restoration services to deal with warehouse water damage. 

Whether water damage to your warehouse is because of heavy rainfall, flooding, frozen pipe burst, or sewage backup, we have you covered. Our experts can help you restore your warehouse and resume work in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes, warehouse owners try to deal with the situation on their own. This is not advisable as handling water damage in a large massive structure like a warehouse requires expertise, industrial-grade equipment, and experience. Therefore, reach out to us. Here’s more on the importance of commercial restoration services:

Water Extraction—Quickly Remove Standing Water From Your Warehouse

Standing water inside your warehouse poses a serious threat to the inventory and building’s infrastructure. Imagine the cost you will have to incur due to damaged and destroyed inventory?

Moreover, standing water can result in moisture in the environment giving the ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold growth. This can also cause respiratory problems, negatively affecting the health of the warehouse workers. Therefore, it is important to seek experts for commercial restoration services.

We will first extract all the standing water out. Our experts will ensure that proper equipment and techniques for water extraction from your warehouse are used for a quick and safe recovery. Our goal is to remove all water and moisture to prevent long-term damage to your warehouse. The sooner you reach out to us, the higher are the chances of:

  • Microbial growth prevention
  • Avoiding permanent structural damage
  • Lowering operational downtime

Dehumidify—Keep Air Fresh 

Another benefit of commercial restoration services is that we don’t just focus on clearing and extracting water. We go above and beyond to ensure your premises are safe and secure. We take measures to dehumidify warehouse premises. This ensures that existing moisture in the air is completely removed, thereby lowering the risk of inventory spoilage and the formation of fungus.

Cleanup—Intense Cleaning is Crucial

Next is thorough cleanup. We use chemical reagents and special equipment to sanitize your warehouse from every nook and cranny. A professional cleanup job is a must to clean and clear the flooring of muddy stains, debris and dirt, especially when flooded with dirty water. Our cleaning process is intensive and includes multiple steps such as washing, surface treatment, chemical sprays, and use of abrasive powders to ensure your warehouse is spotlessly clean and no mold, fungus, or mildew is present.

The cleaning process is followed by deodorization. We use the necessary equipment to suppress unpleasant odors inside the warehouse. These include fog generators, ionic air purifiers, and air plants. If needed, we may also perform antibacterial treatment of the warehouse.

Assessment of Repairs and Restoration Work

Whether you need commercial or home damage restoration, you can count on us. At 911 Restoration of Bronx, we are your trusted partners in time of need. Our specialists will assess your warehouse damages in-depth to identify repairs and replacement work needed. Accordingly, we will work with your insurance company to ensure that you get the amount you are entitled to for damages incurred.

Our team will perform all the necessary repairs, including roof, plumbing leaks behind the walls, under the foundation, and other structural repairs required. When you hire us for commercial restoration services, you can expect quality services from start to finish. Our experts will repair water-damaged roofs to prevent further leaks while ensuring the warehouse is safe to enter and poses no serious health or safety risk to workers.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you have experienced warehouse water damage, act fast. Contact our team today for professional commercial restoration services. We will come fully equipped to your premises and ensure that your warehouse is restored in the shortest time. We strive for quick recovery because we understand that a flooded and water-damaged warehouse can slow down operations, hurt your business and damage your market reputation. Therefore, we are here to get your facility up and running as soon as we can. 

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