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Summer Woes

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911 Restoration Bronx helps homes survive summer

While you’re out playing and having fun in the sun, your home is at risk. When rainstorms ruin your day at the beach, they could also ruin your roof. When heavy winds make the perfect sailing weather, your home could suffer from debris slamming the windows. As the heat rises, bringing everyone to the beach, elements of your home expand, and as the temperature cools, those elements contract, leaving gaps in your roof and weather seals.

Raining on Your Parade

Summer is known for outdoor events, such as picnics, pool parties, and of course, parades. The one thing that could dampen this lovely time of year is rain clouds. The confetti melts, the floats halt, and the crowds disperse. What’s more, your home could be flooding. As you race home to avoid the wet weather, you find your roof failing.

At this point, it is important to call for help from 911 Restoration. Once we make your home whole again, we will inform you of how to make sure it never happens again. Many rain leaks are a direct result of clogged gutters that would allow the moisture to roll away from your property, rather than gather on the roof.

Wind Wrecking WindowsSnowy_Building

Nothing is better than sailing out into the Atlantic on a warm June day with the wind at your back and the helm in your hand. Spending a splendid day with family and friends out on the ocean is comparable to nothing else; the refreshing sea spray in your face and many mammals surrounding your vessel. Unfortunately, that same wind could be wrecking havoc back home.

The winds that ride along with heavy storms are easily enough to toss debris through your windows and follow up with driving rain, ruining more than the exterior. When you come home to a broken window, mildewed carpets, and soaking furniture, call 911 Restoration. We get there promptly and support you through e summer situations so that you can savor the rest of your sunny Sundays.

Once we fully restore your home, we can help you choose the perfect storm shutters for you. We are familiar with all storm safety equipment, so if you have questions about which brands have the sturdiest reputation, or how to install the protective equipment, we will be happy to answer for you.

Heat Cycle

The final piece of summer weather is one that sticks with your home for seasons to come. As the temperature rises, building materials expand. This is not so bad initially, other than the fact that it can go unnoticed for some time. When winter comes and condenses the building materials, cracks form. As the snow and rain form above your house, those cracks become leaks. It is a good idea to have a biannual inspection to check for such ailments, and if everything checks out positively, you may even receive a reduced home insurance premium. If issues are found, you will be able to take care of them before water weeps into your property, mold forms, and the whole place is condemned.

In the event disaster does occur, call 911 Restoration. We are standing by 24/7 to get your summer, or winter as the cause may be, back on track.

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