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Water Damage Restoration Bronx

Water damage restoration requires the aid of a fully licensed, insured, and bonded professional company such as 911 Restoration Bronx, because our water damage restoration Bronx crew has years of experience returning houses to perfection.

Water Damage Restoration Technician In Crawlspace

The world is made of balance, and the same is true in the industry of water damage.

Everyone loves snow days, no school, no work in some cases, but for owners Eli Elfasi and Daniel Gradus, the job never stops.

When winter hits and the kids are home from school, moisture finds its way to follow them inside the house.

Luckily, 911 Restoration and our water damage restoration Bronx crew are just as persistent in finding every last drop and any mold spores that may have grown up in the wake of such disaster.

Tips And Tricks to Keep Your Home Safe During Winter

Winter storms threaten your home in many ways, from shattering water lines due to sheer cold to snow melting through your roof.

Some important things to know about water damage restorations:

  • The number 1 tip Eli tells all of his customers is to understand what disasters are covered in your insurance policy.
  • Plumbing breaks in the winter because the pipes grow fragile in the cold. If you can keep them warm you will have a splendid winter wonderland without the worry of pipe malfunctions.
  • Wrap the water line in insulation and keep your heater on. A warm house is a happy house.
  • The roof is a bit tricky in a snowstorm. You will have to wait until it is safe to venture outdoors and save your property from leaks by shoveling snow off your roof.
  • Basements are the real trouble spot due to gravity. Moisture runs downhill, and it doesn’t get much lower than the basement. If you find your basement submerged, get a hold of 911 Restoration Bronx for same day service. We consider this an emergency and treat it as such.

When worst comes to worst, our water damage restoration Bronx team will be there within 45 minutes to secure the building and start pumping any water out so you can get back to enjoying the snow, coming home to the beautiful place you remember.

911 Restoration and our water damage Bronx technicians are prepared to handle the policy paperwork to get you the coverage you deserve.

Water Damage Restoration in All Its Forms

If all else fails, our affordable price will help keep you calm as we clear the area of moisture and mold. Keep our number handy in case dampness does enter your home.

If you are worried about the winter weather forcing its way through your building’s defenses, take these precautionary steps from each section of your home.

Water Damage Restoration Vacuum Truck At Job Location

Snow creates a protective layer that slowly melts off your roof, however, since you have the heater on to keep the pipes warm, the ice close to your roof melts faster, and with nowhere else to go, it slips through your ceiling.

Our water damage restoration Bronx professionals know just how to handle such an event and will be happy to take care of it for you, but we all know it is better to avoid such an even t if possible.

The first thing we do upon arrival is make sure everyone is safe. Next we scope the place to find the extent of the damage. Then we will start the restoration process and work with your insurance company to handle the finances. Our pack out services help save as many belongings as possible in the interim.

We cater to the customer. When Eli and Daniel handle your restoration services you are working with a company that is respectful to the homeowner and humbled by the crisis. Our favorite part about this job is seeing the customer smile when the job is complete.

Call us today for a fresh start after water damage with a wonderful new beginning from 911 Restoration Bronx.

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