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Dirtiest Areas of Your Office That Need Sanitization Service

Published by 911 Restoration Bronx NY on March 10, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

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Most company owners prioritize basic workplace cleaning duties such as vacuuming and mopping the surfaces, cleaning the restrooms, and putting out the garbage. It is a good beginning, but a simple cleaning is insufficient with hundreds of workers working there.

Many dirtiest areas of your office are either neglected or overlooked. The handles of a workplace coffee maker have 35 times the germs of a toilet commode!

Read about the seven most ignored places of your workplace that you must regularly clean to maintain your facility efficiently, safely, and healthily.

  • Telephones and keyboards


Quite unexpectedly, such office supplies are towards the top of our listing for a valid reason. According to one study, the keyboard carries up to ten million microorganisms. While handling a keyboard, most people do not clean their fingers or apply a disinfectant.

Telephones are also the same in this case. Because they are so near to the face, they usually contain people’s spit or maybe the same number of bacteria as a bathroom commode. According to research, over 25 thousand germs per square inch create their habitat on business cell phones. When several persons handle these items, they are exposed to public runny noses, coughs, and a slew of pathogens.

  • Refrigerator and Microwave Door Handles


It may only make you shudder the next moment you warm up your meal at work. How many workers in your company clean their hands before using one of these technological devices? No one. As a result, bacteria thrive on refrigerator and microwave handles contaminated by spills, food stains, and various sticky substances.

In addition, kitchen counters and other materials are strong distributors of bacteria and germs. The smoking room, coffee break area, washbasins, kitchen, and toilet are filth magnets. Remember to clean or sterilize your hands if you come into contact with any of the mentioned items.

  • Buttons of the Water Fountain


Buttons of the water fountain are the last places you’d expect to find germs. However, studies reveal that these devices contain an estimate of 2.5 million germs per square inch. These switches are a habitat to numerous germs since many people operate them regularly and frequently.

However, there is a way to deal with these risks. Everyone is welcome to bring their bottle of water to the office. When replenishing, use a napkin and wash your hands soon after using it.

  • Elevator Keys


Elevator keys, which potentially numerous people regularly use, can not be excluded from this article. When there is one location where bacteria and germs thrive, it is the lift. Rather than using your fingers to operate the lift keys, press with your knuckles. Try to avoid using fingers and lying against the elevator sides. Consider how often hands have contacted those keys and surfaces, and you’ll be less likely to establish contact with them. Disinfect your hands right away.

  • Bathrooms


Bathrooms are unquestionably the dirtiest of all contaminated areas. Consider it a practice to use a paper towel or toilet paper to clean near the flushing doorknob, knobs, and taps. Resist flushing the commode without first putting the seatback. However, you risk transferring the infection on the bathroom seat and in the atmosphere, which means the viruses will be floating about. Hands must be washed thoroughly with disinfectant and at least thrice to be healthy.

Anyone would be disgusted to think that each of these familiar places is germ-infested. However, there’s a method to prevent or reduce your interaction with these pathogens.

  • Office Supplies


Bacteria may live and grow on the copier, printer, postage meter, fax machine, and other equipment. Humans never consider cleaning these. Place some sanitizing swabs nearby to remind yourself whenever you use a computer.

  • Vending devices


Buying pre-made foods also does not help the situation. The research discovered that the keys on about one out of every five vending machines are likely to transmit illness-causing bacteria. However, nearly one-fourth of the cases relate to refrigerators and microwave doorknobs. Many others do not meet that standard but might be better. People usually don’t consider these places, but you must.


Self Care Tips

Sanitization service can maintain many areas, and you may protect personnel from infection and illness. Following are a few self-care advice:

  • Clean your hands frequently and after coming into contact with unclean items.
  • If you’re at the workplace, resist touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or face. Whenever possible, follow this guideline even while you are in a social setting.
  • Please bring your plates, cutlery, and cups to the office.
  • Use disinfectant wipes or paper towels.
  • When using the bathroom, use toilet seat paper or toilet seat spray.
  • It would be best to place sanitizing wipes in every available location, including the kitchen, cafe, and restrooms.
  • Stay at home if you are unwell to prevent infecting others at the workplace.


In addition to the basic cleaning solutions offered in the above workplace dirtiest areas, hiring a professional sanitation service is the best way to maintain your workplace clean.

911 Restoration of Bronx offers sanitization services; we pay close attention to every corner of your office, including the most neglected and dirtiest corners. Furthermore, we have all the relevant materials, such as machines and solvents. Professional sanitization guarantees that you save effort and time while maintaining a hygienic and microbes-free office. Don’t hesitate to reach us right away for a personalized quote.

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