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Flood Risk in the Bronx: Should Residents Be Worried About Floods?

Published by SEO on November 15, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Flood Risk BronxThe rapid shift in weather patterns, impromptu rains, and global climate changes have significantly impacted flood risk in the Bronx. Residents must be vigilant and more aware of the situation. It should ensure that their property’s structural integrity doesn’t get compromised due to the flood.

Our disaster restoration service experts share a tentative plan to review flood risks and prepare for evacuation in this article. We also discuss how our water mitigation plan and services work during your hour of need.

Let’s begin.

Flood Risks in the Bronx: What You Need to Know?

Whether you live in a condo or a multi-story residence, citizens in the Bronx might get impacted by floods during severe weather and potential hurricane situations. You can verify this by reviewing the Flood Map available online and reviewing the government-compliant flood map that lists flood zones near you.

According to experts, flood risks in the Bronx (and anywhere else in the US) are prone to changes. It’s why the flood maps get updated based on:

  • Frequency of floods and number of floods
  • Weather forecasts
  • Soil erosions and topographical changes
  • Rainfall collected every year

You can find more information from the official site here.

Preparing for a Flood: What Should You Do?

When the weather condition gets rough, you should stay tuned to weather forecasts and warnings broadcast by local media channels. Flash flood watch alerts indicate that the heavy downpour and high sea levels might result in a flood. In contrast, flood warnings are updates shared when experts expect the disaster to strike within 24 hours or report highlights of an ongoing flood.

Flood risk in the Bronx has steadily increased due to climate change. That’s why you should prepare for the worst-case scenario to protect your family and property. Discuss evacuation strategies beforehand to ensure everyone knows what to do.

Here are a few steps to take:

  • Board up your windows and doors to prevent flood water from entering the house.
  • Bring backyard and outdoor furniture inside or cover/secure it to limit water damage
  • Unplug electrical appliances and devices to reduce fire risks
  • Secure valuable items and keep them in a waterproof space
  • Prepare an overnight bag with essentials
  • Pack an emergency kit (with money, portable phone chargers, flashlight, first aid kit, etc.)
  • Switch off main electrical valve, gas supply, and water line when authorized
  • Ensure that you know the contact details of all state-approved helplines and local first respondents in case of emergency

Besides this, you should conduct evacuation drills as a family or with your community. These practical runs will allow you to stay calm amidst the chaos. You will also have an easier time collecting essentials and ensuring everyone is safe when you have a proper plan.

Why Should You Call Our Disaster Restoration Services?

911 Restoration of Bronx provides specialized disaster restoration services with a personalized water mitigation plan. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to deal with such high-risk events. Due to this, they serve as the first respondents for flood-damaged homes.

Our services begin with a careful assessment of the damaged site. After a detailed examination, we propose a customizable plan to reverse all signs of destruction.

It includes a series of steps that are as follows:

  • Water removal and dehumidification with heavy-duty sump pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers
  • Stripping down severely damaged structures (i.e., floorboards, carpeting, drywall, and exterior paint)
  • Advanced sanitization and deodorization treatment to eliminate germs and musty smells
  • Follow Up with mold testing and remediation to evade potential infestation
  • Repairs and reconstruction of damaged structures and belongings

Our cooperative team will collect photographic evidence of the flood damage to help you file an insurance claim. You can ask your designated contractor about these services upon their arrival. That way, you will have a detailed record of property loss and damage in the aftermath. If you have a flood coverage policy in place, our specialists can bill your insurer upon request.

Besides being there with you throughout the recovery process, we ensure that our team arrives at the scene promptly. That’s why we run a 24/7 service with a 45-minutes response time for scheduled inspections.

Our speedy consultancy can help you safeguard your home from further deterioration and accelerate the restoration process.

Final Words

Lastly, flood risk in the Bronx is prone to increase due to the changing climate conditions and shifting flood plains. That’s why having the right type of support against severe property damage has become a necessity for many residents. Always check flooding zones and flood maps before purchasing or renting a home to understand the dangers underneath.

Having a disaster restoration service provider on speed dial can also prove beneficial. You can use their expertise to create a water mitigation plan while you wait and then count on them to implement cost-effective recovery strategies to fix flood-damaged homes.

Got a flood-related emergency? Contact 911 Restoration of Bronx for immediate support, and we will be there right away!

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