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Risks of Fire Hazards in the Bronx

Published by SEO on October 19, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Fire Hazards BronxIt doesn’t take much for a fiery blaze to catch occupants by surprise – it starts out as a lick of flame and then spreads far and wide in search for more fuel. Nearly every home has the necessary ingredients to start a fire, including electricity, cooking, heating, and candles.

We recommend installing smoke alarms in all areas of the house, especially the kitchen and appliances that draw a lot of power (such as the fridge), to keep your risks of fire damage to a bare minimum.

You can keep your home safe by being mindful of the following fire hazards typical in the Bronx.

Electrical Wiring

Minor kinks in the electrical wiring can lead to a buildup of resistance within the fire, creating heat and starting an electrical fire. Since household wiring is out of view of most homeowners, it is vital to get them checked for signs of wear and tear. You can hire expert electricians and fire damage restoration specialists in the Bronx to inspect the electrical installation in your house.

With that said, there are a few visual checks you can do yourself, such as checking the sockets and plugs for signs of damage.

Heavy Appliances

Most fires in the Bronx arise from household appliances, especially heavy electrical products that draw in a lot of power. Extension cords, in particular, are known for their poor quality connections that often melt and lead to a fire. The statistics don’t lie here: faulty appliances cause nine percent of home fires and contribute to ten percent of fatalities.

Next in line are dryers, especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. Make sure to clean out the lint screen before powering up your dryer.

And when it comes to electronics, such as your computer, unplug them when they are not in use. This may be slightly annoying, but doing so will save you a lot of pain and anguish later.

Pro tip: Keep heavy electrical appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators at a proper distance from each other because the lack of space can lead to a fire.

Glassware on the Windowsills

This is a sneaky way of causing fires – but it has been known to happen. Remember the old science experiment you did in school to study the magnifying effect of glasses on direct sunlight? That applies in real life too. Glassware that receives direct sunlight can focus the rays on a concentrated spot, such as curtains or a patch of linen, which can lead to a fire.

Gas Water Heater

Textiles placed in close proximity to a gas water heater are a fire waiting to happen. This becomes a more significant fire hazard if the protective door for the gas burners is damaged or mixing. Make sure to remove your clothes and other textiles away from the gas water heater.

Kitchen Fires are Fairly Common

Most fires in the Bronx start in the kitchen during the cooking process – when someone cranks up the heat too high and leave. Do not cook while you’re distracted. Do not leave the stovetop unattended because doing so can lead to a fire.

Keep flammable liquids and gasoline tightly sealed in their container. Store them at a safe distance from heat sources, including gas and charcoal grills.

Pro tip: Clean the stove if it is covered with flammable grime and grease. A large percentage of kitchen fires can start due to grime. Hire an expert to clean the kitchen stove or do it yourself.

Fireplace and Chimney

A chimney fire can cause major damage to the structure of the house. This could lead to a total collapse of the surrounding walls that may require expert fire damage restoration services in the Bronx. It is worth noting that a chimney fire can reach temperatures of up to 2000°F.

More importantly, keep flammable textiles such as towels, curtains, and blankets at a safe distance from the chimney.


Sawdust is a major fire hazard and should be cleaned right away. It should not be left around electrical wiring and other heat sources because it could ignite the sawdust pile. Hire a sanitation company near you to keep your home and garage clean of dust, debris, and sawdust.

Cluttered Storage Areas

Storage areas such as the basement, garage, and even the backyard can be a fire hazard because homeowners often toss their junk and unused items in close proximity. Those old books and newspapers can self-combust – even if they’re not near a heat source. And never keep gasoline or other flammable sources near a pile of books.

Batteries Tossed Away in Drawers

Those batteries that you haven’t used in a while can also cause a fire, especially if there are metals nearby that can cause shorting. It is recommended to keep the batteries in their packaging or cover them with tape. Just to be safe, you should dispose of batteries if they aren’t going to be used.

Finally, we recommend a full fire damage inspection of your house in the Bronx. This inspection will look for damaged gas lines, cracks in the foundation, missing support beams, and other possible fire hazards. Get in touch with our local 911 Restoration team for a fire inspection if you live in the Bronx.

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